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Weekly PLoS ONE News and Blog Round-Up

In this week’s PLoS ONE media digest: trace of an ancient fish on the bottom of the ocean, can lobsters feel pain?, four new plant species, a new rhino species, a potential early detection of pancreatic cancer, environmental impact of countries, effect of alcohol on worms, and more:

First Known Feeding Trace of the Eocene Bottom-Dwelling Fish Notogoneus osculus and Its Paleontological Significance by Martin, Vazquez-Prokopec and Page was covered by Laelaps and ScienceBlog, and one of the authors was interviewed on ‘The Open Source Paleontologist’: Part I and Part II.

Can lobsters and crayfish feel pain? This is what Sakshi Puri and Zen Faulkes asked in their article Do Decapod Crustaceans Have Nociceptors for Extreme pH?. This was blogged by one of the authors, Zen Faulkes, in a series of posts: Crustacean nociception: The embargo lifts, Crustacean nociception: Introducing my co-author, Crustacean nociception: Origins, part 1, Crustacean nociception: Origins, part 2, Crustacean nociception: The journal, PLoS ONE and Crustacean nociception: The worry. How I wish more authors blogged about the background stories of their discoveries! The article was also discussed by SciCurious on Neurotopia.

Four New Vining Species of Solanum (Dulcamaroid Clade) from Montane Habitats in Tropical America by Sandra Knapp, the first formal description of a new plant species in an electronic, online-only journal, was covered by Science Codex, Nature News, Science Centric, Red Orbit and iPhylo.

The Sixth Rhino: A Taxonomic Re-Assessment of the Critically Endangered Northern White Rhinoceros by Groves, Fernando and Robovský was covered by Darren Naish on Tetrapod Zoology.

Evaluating the Relative Environmental Impact of Countries by Bradshaw, Giam and Sodh was blogged by its author, on, as well as by The Biology Refugia, Sydney Morning Herald, Energy Matters, Cool Earth, LiveScience, Click Green, Dynamic Business, DigitalJournal, SmartPlanet, and PlanetSave.

Isoform-Specific Upregulation of Palladin in Human and Murine Pancreas Tumors by Goicoechea et al, was covered by the Pharma Strategy Blog.

A Differential Role for Neuropeptides in Acute and Chronic Adaptive Responses to Alcohol: Behavioural and Genetic Analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans by Mitchell et al was covered at Times of India,, PsychCentral and AlphaGalileo.

A Comparison of Y-Chromosome Variation in Sardinia and Anatolia Is More Consistent with Cultural Rather than Demic Diffusion of Agriculture by Morelli et al was discussed on Gene Expression.

Novel Weapons Testing: Are Invasive Plants More Chemically Defended than Native Plants? by Lind and Parker, was covered by Journal Watch Online.

There was additional coverage of Bee Threat Elicits Alarm Call in African Elephants by King et al, most notably at Thoughtful Animal.

Human Direct Actions May Alter Animal Welfare, a Study on Horses (Equus caballus) by Lesimple et al, was reported on at Horsetalk.

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