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Weekly PLoS ONE News and Blog Round-Up

In this week’s PLoS ONE media digest: one very old shoe, bluefin tuna spawning in the midst of oilspill, and much more….

First Direct Evidence of Chalcolithic Footwear from the Near Eastern Highlands by Pinhasi et al, recieved widespread coverage this week. It is impossible to collect all of the hundreds of links to all the articles and blog posts, so here is a more-or-less representative sample: Scientific American, National Geographic, Discovery News, Discover – 80beats, The Great Beyond, CNN, Prehistoric Archaeology Blog, everyONE blog, Reclusive Leftist, Huffington Post, Kris’s Archaeology Blog, Popular Fidelity, Ecouterre, StyleList, Heritage Key,, Macleans, Independent, RadioFreeEurope, TODAYonline, Indian Express, Vanity Fair, BBC News, Associated Press, AssociatedPress (video), The Age, The Hindu, Mirror, Sify, Daily Mail, The Irish Times, Vancouver Sun,, San Jose Mercury News, Times Online, National Post, The Press Association, Telegraph, AFP, Wikinews, Daily Contributor, Armenialiberty, Chromatography Today, Helium, People’s Daily Online, Irish Central, The Epoch Times, io9, Global Times, Styleite, New York Times, Examiner, AHN, Thaindian News, Thaindian News 2, AOL News, NewsLite, EurasiaNet, Tonic, Science News,
UPI, LA News Monitor, Metro, Irish Independent, HULIQ, Daily World Trends, UCLA Today, Cosmos, Toronto Star, Reuters India and Press TV.

Comparative Influence of Ocean Conditions on Yellowfin and Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Catch from Longlines in the Gulf of Mexico by Teo and Block was covered at Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted), Inter Press Service, everyONE blog and A Blog Around The Clock.

Coevolution in Action: Disruptive Selection on Egg Colour in an Avian Brood Parasite and Its Host by Yang et al, was covered by Denim and Tweed.

Lowering β-Amyloid Levels Rescues Learning and Memory in a Down Syndrome Mouse Model by Netzer et al., was covered at Phased.

Marginal Eyespots on Butterfly Wings Deflect Bird Attacks Under Low Light Intensities with UV Wavelengths by Olofsson et al, was covered by Conservation Maven.

SUBTLEX-CH: Chinese Word and Character Frequencies Based on Film Subtitles by Cai and Brysbaert was covered at Greg Laden’s blog.

Follow-Up of Patients with Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Four Years after Standardized First-Line Drug Treatment by He et al., was covered by International Health Research.

The Power of Exercise: Buffering the Effect of Chronic Stress on Telomere Length by Puterman et al, was covered at UCSF news and Psych Central News.

Array-Based Whole-Genome Survey of Dog Saliva DNA Yields High Quality SNP Data by Yokoyama, Erdman and Hamilton, was covered by DNA Genotek’s Sample Collection Blog.

An Environment-Wide Association Study (EWAS) on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by Patel, Bhattacharya and Butte was covered at Periodic Tabloid.

Evaluating the Relative Environmental Impact of Countries by Bradshaw, Giam and Sodhi was covered by Aguanomics.

Glycemic Control Promotes Pancreatic Beta-Cell Regeneration in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice by Grossman et al, was covered at Science Life Blog.

The Lagoon at Caroline/Millennium Atoll, Republic of Kiribati: Natural History of a Nearly Pristine Ecosystem by Barott et al, was noted at Science Today and LiveScience.

OAS1 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Susceptibility to West Nile Encephalitis in Horses by Rios et al was covered by Insciences Organisation and TheHorse.

First Person Experience of Body Transfer in Virtual Reality by Mel Slater, Bernhard Spanlang, Maria V. Sanchez-Vives and Olaf Blanke was discussed at Before It’s News.

Expanding HAART Treatment to All Currently Eligible Individuals under the 2008 IAS-USA Guidelines in British Columbia, Canada by Lima, Hogg and Montaner, was covered by PhysOrg.

Changing Patterns of Microhabitat Utilization by the Threespot Damselfish, Stegastes planifrons, on Caribbean Reefs by Precht et al. was covered by Practical Fishkeeping.

Same-Sex Gaze Attraction Influences Mate-Choice Copying in Humans by Yorzinski and Platt was covered at Evolved Primate.

Characteristics of Adults with Anxiety or Depression Treated at an Internet Clinic: Comparison with a National Survey and an Outpatient Clinic by Titov et al, was covered by Greg Laden.

Human’s Cognitive Ability to Assess Facial Cues from Photographs: A Study of Sexual Selection in the Bolivian Amazon by Undurraga et al was covered at PhysOrg.

Establishing the Proteome of Normal Human Cerebrospinal Fluid by Schutzer et al, was reported in Oneindia.

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