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Monthly PLoS ONE News and Blog Round-Up

Events interfered, so I could not collect the media coverage every week. So today here is the entire month! We’ll return to weekly coverage next month.

In this month’s PLoS ONE media digest: biased refereeing in soccer, strong-armed sabertooth tigers, lefty politicians, what makes farmed salmon sick, sex makes brains grow, and more….

A Sinister Bias for Calling Fouls in Soccer by Alexander Kranjec, Matthew Lehet, Bianca Bromberger and Anjan Chatterjee was, during the month of the World Cup, a big hit with the media. It was covered by C6-H12-O6, Dormivigilia, Duncan Hull, Research-digest blog, New York Times, Telegraph, U.S. News & World Report and a number of other places in many languages.

Good and Bad in the Hands of Politicians: Spontaneous Gestures during Positive and Negative Speech by Casasanto and Jasmin was covered at Neuroskeptic, Mother Jones, PsyPost, Sciencestage, AlphaGalileo and Sify news.

Radiographs Reveal Exceptional Forelimb Strength in the Sabertooth Cat, Smilodon fatalis by Julie A. Meachen-Samuels and Blaire Van Valkenburg was covered by Phased, UPI, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Radio-Canada, CalcuttaTube, 80beats and Sciencecodex.

Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation of Farmed Salmon Is Associated with Infection with a Novel Reovirus by Palacios et al, was covered by WIRED Science, TIME, UPI, MarketWatch, FIS, Fish Update, Treehugger, Gant Daily, San Jose Mercury News and more.

Sexual Experience Promotes Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus Despite an Initial Elevation in Stress Hormones by Leuner, Glasper and Gould was covered at C6-H12-O6, FOX news, Woman’s Day, Asylum, ShortNews, Tonic, Colorado Springs Independent, Visit Bulgaria, TheMedGuru, and Times of India.

Recent Widespread Tree Growth Decline Despite Increasing Atmospheric CO2 by Silva, Anand and Leithead, was discussed at Culturing Science and Denim and Tweed.

Socioeconomic Inequality in the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence from a U.S. Cross-Sectional Study by Durkin et al, was covered by Neuroskeptic and Take it to the Bridge.

Evolutionary Dead End in the Galápagos: Divergence of Sexual Signals in the Rarest of Darwin’s Finches by Brumm et al was blogged by Mike the Mad Biologist.

Beer Consumption Increases Human Attractiveness to Malaria Mosquitoes by Lefèvre et al, was covered by Greg Laden.

Bermuda as an Evolutionary Life Raft for an Ancient Lineage of Endangered Lizards by Brandley et al., was blogged about at Neuro Dojo.

Thinking Outside a Less Intact Box: Thalamic Dopamine D2 Receptor Densities Are Negatively Related to Psychometric Creativity in Healthy Individuals by de Manzano et al, was discussed on the Podcast.

Using Population Genetic Theory and DNA Sequences for Species Detection and Identification in Asexual Organisms by Birky et al, was blogged at Marmorkrebs and podcast.

Gene Flow between the Korean Peninsula and Its Neighboring Countries by Jung et al, was covered at Gene Expression.

Metabolic State Alters Economic Decision Making under Risk in Humans by Symmonds et al, was covered at Big Think.

Genetic Diversity among Ancient Nordic Populations by Melchior et al, was covered byDienekes’ Anthropology Blog.

Dynamics of HIV-1 Quasispecies during Antiviral Treatment Dissected Using Ultra-Deep Pyrosequencing by Hedskog et al, was covered at Mystery Rays from Outer Space.

Two related articles by Okumu et al, –
Development and Field Evaluation of a Synthetic Mosquito Lure That Is More Attractive than Humans and Potential Benefits, Limitations and Target Product-Profiles of Odor-Baited Mosquito Traps for Malaria Control in Africa – were discussed at The Wellcome Trust blog.

Locomotor Adaptation versus Perceptual Adaptation when Stepping Over an Obstacle with a Height Illusion by Rea et al, was covered at Phased.

miR-148 Regulates Mitf in Melanoma Cells by Haflidadóttir was covered at Pharma Strategy Blog.

An Influenza A/H1N1/2009 Hemagglutinin Vaccine Produced in Escherichia coli by Aguilar-Yáñez et al, was covered at Phased.

Genome Erosion in a Nitrogen-Fixing Vertically Transmitted Endosymbiotic Multicellular Cyanobacterium by Ran et al was covered at the BioBlog.

Real-Time Decreased Sensitivity to an Audio-Visual Illusion during Goal-Directed Reaching by Tremblay and Nguyen was blogged at The motor chauvinist.

Turning the Table: Plants Consume Microbes as a Source of Nutrients by Paungfoo-Lonhienne et al was covered at Phased.

The Influence of Perceptual Training on Working Memory in Older Adults by Berry et al was covered at The Great Beyond (Nature blog).

The Influence of Perceptual Training on Working Memory in Older Adults by Berry et al was covered by Greg Laden.

Fine Mapping the Spatial Distribution and Concentration of Unlabeled Drugs within Tissue Micro-Compartments Using Imaging Mass Spectrometry by Nilsson et al, was covered at Phased.

Phylogenetic Detection of Recombination with a Bayesian Prior on the Distance between Trees was blogged about by one of its authors – Leonardo de Oliveira Martins.

Climatic Variability Leads to Later Seasonal Flowering of Floridian Plants by Von Holle et al, was mentioned at Denim and Tweed.

Light Sheet Microscopy for Single Molecule Tracking in Living Tissue by Ritter et al was blogged at Phased.

Older articles resurfacing again:

A Mathematical Model of Sentimental Dynamics Accounting for Marital Dissolution by José-Manuel Rey was covered by It Takes 30.

Antimicrobial Peptide Evolution in the Asiatic Honey Bee Apis cerana by Xu, Shi and Chen, was cited at Code for life.

More than Mere Numbers: The Impact of Lethal Control on the Social Stability of a Top-Order Predator by Wallach et al was mentioned at ConservationBytes

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