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PLoS ONE News and Blog Round-Up

In this week’s media digest: researchers find that Tetris could help prevent traumatic flashbacks, stranded dolphins are more likely to be deaf and much much more.

Key Steps in Developing a Cognitive Vaccine against Traumatic Flashbacks: Visuospatial Tetris versus Verbal Pub Quiz by Emily A Holmes et al., received media attention from: CNN, New Scientist, Not Exactly Rocket Science, LA Times, TIME, Network World, ABC News and PC Magazine.

Evidence of a Louse-Borne Outbreak Involving Typhus in Douai, 1710-1712 during the War of Spanish Succession by Tung Nguyen-Hieu et al., was covered by PhysOrg.

Biodiversity on Broadway – Enigmatic Diversity of the Societies of Ants (Formicidae) on the Streets of New York City by Marko Pećarević, James Danoff-Burg and Robert R. Dunn, received coverage from The Christian Science Monitor and Live Science.

Biomechanical Consequences of Rapid Evolution in the Polar Bear Lineage, by Graham J. Slater et al., received attention from: Not Exactly Rocket Science, The Vancouver Sun, Nunatsiaq Online and Ottawa Citizen.

Hearing Loss in Stranded Odontocete Dolphins and Whales by David Mann et al., was covered in: Short Sharp Science, The Washington Post, Physics Today, Bradenton and Naples News.

The Manipulative Complexity of Lower Paleolithic Stone Toolmaking by Aldo Faisal et al., was covered by: The Guardian, UPI, Softpedia and One India.

Cognitive Deficits Are Associated with Frontal and Temporal Lobe White Matter Lesions in Middle-Aged Adults Living in the Community, by David Bunce et al., received coverage from: Sify, The Telegraph, The Sidney Morning Herald and AOL News. NHS Choices also posted an article on the coverage of this story.

Urban Scaling and Its Deviations: Revealing the Structure of Wealth, Innovation and Crime across Cities by Luís M. A. Bettencourt et al., was covered by: Sify, Tech Eye and New Scientist.

The Regulation of miRNA-211 Expression and Its Role in Melanoma Cell Invasiveness by Joseph Mazar et al., was covered by: The Baltimore Sun, LA Times and Chicago Tribune.

Hypertension, Diabetes and Overweight: Looming Legacies of the Biafran Famine by Martin Hult et al., received coverage from The New York Times.

Human Wagering Behavior Depends on Opponents’ Faces by Erik J. Schlicht was covered by Brain Blogger.

On occasion, authors will send us a list of media coverage their paper received.  So this week, I thought I would include a list sent in by Dr. Natalia Martinkova.  The paper by Martinkova et al., is entitled Increasing Incidence of Geomyces destructans Fungus in Bats from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has generated a lot of media interest in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. All of the articles are in Czech, so you might want to brush up on your language skills or, as in my case, open up Google translator. The media outlets that covered the article include: Česká televize, Týden, Eckolist and Veda Cz.

Image is Figure 3 from the paper Hearing Loss in Stranded Odontocete Dolphins and Whales.

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